Team Home Depot before Day 1 ride

Ride Recap - Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride 2023

I'd like to kick off this post by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to all my generous donors. I'm thrilled to announce that I achieved my goal of raising $500 to support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis! Did you know that Bike MS raises more money than any other cycling event for any cause? If you haven't had the chance to contribute yet but would like to, you can still make donations until November 22, 2023, at my fundraising page.

The National MS Society once again organized a fantastic event this year, featuring multiple distance rides each day, all starting and ending at Wild Leap Brewery in LaGrange, GA. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, starting each day in the 60s and ending in the low 80s – it was cool enough to wear arm warmers until the first break point and then pleasantly warm and sunny for the rest of the ride. Ok, maybe it was a little hot at the end of the day, but it made my post-ride brew from Wild Leap that much more enjoyable! 

Day 1 entailed a 100-mile ride that roughly circled West Point Lake, crossing into Alabama for a bit before heading back into Georgia and to the north west side of the lake before returning to LaGrange. This marked my fourth year participating in the ride, and while some parts of the course felt familiar but in reverse, it was refreshing to see the scenery from a new perspective. I really enjoyed all the various points that we crossed over the lake, my favorite being the dam that we got to ride over. There were well-stocked rest stops every 10-15 miles, with super friendly and helpful volunteers that were ready to help refill water, get snacks, and open pickle juice packets (even if they didn't get why so many of the cyclists were excited for pickles or their juice). The century ride had a 10-mile section that repeated 70 miles into the course, complete with a brutal hill climb - it the perfect dose of challenge late in the ride that made me feel like I earned my century patch. 

Throughout the day, I had the pleasure of riding alongside my dad and Lisa, another dedicated Team Home Depot rider. They have both been doing the MS ride longer than me, and it was fun to hear them reminisce as we made our way through the route. I was also super appreciative that I was able to draft along both of them! We rode together from the start of the ride all of the way to the finish line (here we are finishing, all still smiling). My dad, Lisa, and me coming in from the 100 mile ride 

I'd also like to extend a special thank you to Eddie at James Bros Bikes in Auburn, AL, for the matching jerseys he provided for my dad and me. There's something special about twinning with someone, and it's even more meaningful when that someone is your dad!Matching James Bros Bikes Jerseys with my dad!

Day 2 I opted for the 30-mile ride that ventured south of LaGrange. This route felt familiar, perhaps the same as in previous years, but it was a pleasant ride to follow a strenuous day—minimal elevation to contend with. I rode the entire route with Lisa (my dad, being the boss he is, opted to do the 65 mile route that climbed Pine Mountain). Lisa and I exchanged stories about our rides and life as we pedaled, and we both appreciated having another awesome lady rider to share the journey with. Home Depot sponsored the last rest stop, where it was a fun to see some of our team members and my mom, who was volunteering.

I'm incredibly thankful for another successful year of fundraising and riding with this community under my belt!

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